The Ohio Way–it’s being unapologetically proud of where you’re from, yet unashamedly down-to-earth. We treat strangers like friends. We take our time to enjoy a farm-fresh meal with our family, our neighbors, our community. We do the simple things right. Because that’s how Bob did it and that’s The Ohio Way.

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The Ohio Way Is: Real Food, Real Flavor

We don’t get up from the table hungry. Our plates are full of eggs with yolks, potatoes with carbs and sausage with pork. The only paring you’ll find with our breakfasts is a stack of hotcakes and more meat.

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The Ohio Way Is: Fresh Not Fancy

We aren’t just proud of being from Ohio, many of our ingredients are Ohio Proud. Farm-fresh eggs? From Ohio. Bacon? From Ohio. Mush? You don’t know mush? Well, it’s a Midwest classic. And we get ours from Ohio.

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The Ohio Way Is: Fans are Family

Ohioans are fiercely dedicated to their hometeam and we wear our fan pride on our sleeves, literally. Bob Evans is proud to be the hometown partner of the Columbus Clippers and the only place to get tickets for The Ohio State University Spring Game. Go Buckeyes!

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The Ohio Way Is: Knowing Your Roots

Bob Evans started as a 12-stool restaurant in southeast Ohio. For more than 60 years, we’ve held true to serving up homestyle hospitality and farm-fresh comfort meals. Our food is simple, our hearts are big and we embrace the spirit of the Midwest.

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The Ohio Way Is...

Ohioans are never far from home even when they are halfway across the globe. Our state pride starts with O-H and ends with I-O. What does The Ohio Way mean to you?

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