Help us improve carryout

Get free food in return

We want to hear from you to get feedback on our carryout website. If you're interested in testing out our ideas or sharing your experiences (and getting some free food in return), then please sign up.

What to expect.

Participants can give us feedback in a number of ways: phone, online, doing some simple tasks in-person and sharing your opinion on them, or taking part in a brainstorming workshop to generate ideas for future customer experiences.

Being invited to participate.

We can't guarantee that you'll be invited to participate in a study and it may be some time before you hear from us. As new studies are launched, we contact people we think might be a good match for the topic. You’ll usually hear from us via email or phone.

What's in it for you?

Besides helping us build a better carryout experience (and having a blast in the process), you’ll receive a Bob Evans gift card in appreciation for your time and feedback if you're invited to participate.

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