Restaurant Employee Frequently Asked Questions

Common FAQs

How do I change my address?

Former Employees

Email your complete address (street address, city, state and zip code) to along with your Full Name, Employee ID or Last 4 digits of SSN, DOB and what location you worked.

Current Employees

Log into Go to D365 Employee Self Service (ESS) and Edit Personal Information in ESS to add your new primary address.

Benefits FAQs

Does Bob Evans Restaurants do employment or wage verification?

Yes, please go to The Work Number link

Who do I contact about my medical benefits and/or COBRA?

Contact MyBERBenefits Resource Center at 888-899-BOBE (2623)

I’m no longer with Bob Evans Restaurants and I have questions about my 401K?

Please contact Prudential at 877-778-2100

Paystub FAQs

How to access paystubs after April 2017 to present?

Go to Registration Code: BERADP-1234

How do I access my paystubs before May 2017?

Email or call and 866-633-8634

Questions about my Aline Pay card?

Please contact Aline at or 877-237-4321


How do I access my W2 for 2018 taxes?

All W2s are available online.
Go to Registration Code: BERADP-1234

When will W2s be sent out for the 2018 tax season?

All W2’s are due to be postmarked to the impacted employees no later than 1/31/2019

How do I change my address so my 2018 W2 is sent to my current address?

All address changes for the 2018 W2 needs to be complete before December 31st, 2018.
If your address has not been updated by December 31st, 2018 a new W2 will not be printed and resent. But it is available on line.

How do I access previous years W2s?


Go to

2016 and before

Contact Bob Evans Foods at: or 866-633-8634

How can I set up to receive my W2 electronically?

W2’s are viewable electronically to all users that have registered with ADP ESS through the following link