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Great food starts in our kitchen.   And now you can meet the team of culinary experts behind the Bob Evans menu you love.  Inspired by farm-fresh, seasonal ingredients, the Bob Evans culinary team takes special care to create craveable, abundant meals brimming with flavor.  Whether it’s classics with a twist or signature favorites, they’re constantly making the tried and true fresh and new. With a wealth of culinary expertise and a true passion for the world of cuisine, our team takes product innovation and menu development to new heights. Meet Casey, Dawn, Liz, and Chauncey and learn why they love food. 


Holly Rackowski, Vice President of Culinary and Product Innovation 

Joined Bob Evans: 2013 

Place of Study: University of Georgia, MS:  Food Science; University of New Mexico, BS:  Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics 

Why food? “Food is an amazing connector.  It connects us to the earth, to each other, to our families and to our cultures.  I love that my work helps families engage in a moment of fellowship over a shared meal."

Casey Stevens, Manager of Product Development

Joined Bob Evans: 2014

Place of Study: Columbus Culinary Institute

Why food? “My interest started as a kid. I was never an athlete so being creative was the best way I could express myself. My first memory cooking was at my grandma’s counter making an “apple pie” – or my 5 year old version of it. It was probably the driest pie ever but she told me it was great and I could tell she really meant what she said! Her encouragement, paired with my desire to create, kept me trying new things. I’m not huge on following recipes because I just like to taste something and decide in the moment what it should become. There is an abundance of tastes, textures, and eating experiences to discover and I know I will never experience them all, but I also know I won’t ever get bored with so many things to learn and so many foods to share with the people I love."

Liz Dunn, Product Development Chef

Joined Bob Evans: 2014

Place of Study: Columbus Culinary Institute

Why food? “I spent most of my life with my family in Tennessee where we grew our food, preserved it and loved eating it! At home we always had a garden to tend to, livestock to care for and when it was time, we had to cook with the ingredients we had grown. When I tried a recipe and failed, I viewed it as a challenge to keep trying; always striving to make it better than the last. It gives me great satisfaction to see someone smile while eating the meal I created and I make sure I can do the same with our Bob Evans’ guests.” 

Dawn McClung, Product Development Chef

Joined Bob Evans: 2010

Place of Study: Hocking College

Why food? “Food is a living art and being a creative person I have always loved to create interesting dishes and share them with friends and family. Being able to see the reaction on their face is always worth it good or bad you still see the joy and suspense when they take a bite! Food is my passion!” 

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