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Bob Evans Farms is constantly improving our sustainability and reducing our environmental impact at our restaurants, manufacturing facilities, transportation center and corporate campus. We partner with our suppliers to purchase products that are energy efficient, sustainably manufactured and environmentally safe.

Restaurant Initiatives

HVAC – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

  • High efficiency rooftop units.
  • 100% outside air units which use less gas and electric with improved year-round comfort.
  • Low profile Backshelf hoods on our grill line – lower CFM and 22% less energy.
  • Energy efficient variable speed grill hood fan controls.
  • Lightstat automatic temperature controls with limited adjustment thermostats and occupancy mode motion sensor activation.
  • Maintain a slightly positive air balance in our buildings.


  • Electronic temperature controls on the cooler and freezer:
  • Tighter temperature range
  • Provide visual out of range temperature alarm reducing food product losses
  • Energy efficient air defrost vs. heated defrost on coolers.
  • Energy efficient EC evaporator fan motors.


  • Converting lighting to energy efficient LED.
  • Lightstat motion controls for interior lighting.
  • Light sensor controls for exterior lighting.


  • Automatic sensing faucets in restrooms reduce water usage and prevent faucets from being left on.
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures w/automatic flush valves.
  • High efficiency sprinkler heads and “drip irrigation” systems for landscaping.
  • Dishwashers – Low volume 0.8 gallon rinse equipment vs. 1.2 gallons per rinse.


  • "Energy Star” rated equipment where applicable.


  • Highly reflective “cool roofing” – reduces heat island effects and cooling costs.


  • All cardboard.

Food Waste

  • Harvest Program for all leftover food.

Corporate Campus Initiatives

LEED Gold Facility – Key LEED Category Point Awards

  • 20 – Energy and Atmosphere – Optimize Energy Performance, On-Site Renewable Energy
  • 12 – Sustainable Sites – Low-Emitting/Fuel Efficient Vehicles, Parking Capacity
  • 11 – Indoor Environmental Quality – Daylight, Thermal Comfort, Increased Ventilation
  • 8 – Water Efficiency – Water Use Reduction, Water Efficient Landscaping
  • 6 – Innovation and Design process – Energy Star Appliances, Green Cleaning
  • 5 – Materials and Resources – Recycled Content, Regional Materials
  • 4 – Regional Priority Credits

Waste Reduction and Reuse Programs

  • Combined recycling – glass, metal, paper, plastic
  • Food Donations to local Harvest Program
  • Organic Waste Collection for Composting

Future Initiatives

In addition to these initiatives, Bob Evans Farms, Inc. is continually researching new opportunities to improve our sustainability, reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the environment.

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